The fabric of my being 

Hi there–I’m honored that you’re here! I’m Julie, a stay-at-home (working) mom. Living in rural Wisconsin on a small hobby farm has me loving life with my hard-working husband, two rambunctious kiddos, and our farm animals that complete our herd! 

My story begins when my family and I were planning a trip to Arizona. I envisioned matching dresses for my daughter and I during our trip and so I began searching for the right matching outfits online. Sadly, the dresses didn’t arrive in time for our vacation and when they actually did arrive, the order was extremely disappointing. It was incomplete and the quality was subpar. 

My own negative experience with finding matching mommy and me outfits inspired me to make the jump to having my very own ecommerce brand. That’s when HAHA MAMA Clothing was born. I decided to follow my heart and fill some giant gaps in the “mommy and me” industry, like focusing on affordability for families and inclusivity for the boy mamas! I left my career in the food industry behind, and I jumped full force into staying at home with my kids and building a life that I was truly passionate about. 

The purpose behind my brand is to help families cultivate and capture the perfect moments for family photoshoots and to build long lasting connections—through clothes! I built a brand that incorporates cohesive styles that will make you feel confident and connected. I love watching families experience everlasting connections through matching outfits. I’m so grateful that I’ve also been able to make my own connections with families who believe in the magic of matching–without breaking the bank! I’m so excited to watch you and your family create memories that last a lifetime!